American Dreams

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Daughter of Poseidon ψ
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For some reason, my whole life has been, 'You can't do this, you can't do that.' The other day I was watching these kids crossing the road, and they have these crossing guards, kids who help other kids across the road. They would never let me be a crossing guard when I was a little kid . It would come up, I’d always raise my hand, I would never get picked. They thought I was too wild, but I knew I was responsible enough, if I was given that task.”

Favorite pictures of Aaron Taylor-Johnson 44-45/?

The question was about why Sam is not affected by holy water even though he has demon blood in him (x).

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Jared helping Jensen tweet for the first time [x]


such a cutie


: Trish Summerville costume design for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011).

"It was really important for all her [Lisbeth’s] clothing to seem authentic, for nothing to appear to be brand new, everything to kind of be worn in. A lot of her stuff is very dirty, there’s holes and things like her boot is taped up… to feel very lived in. I wanted her to be someone that could easily disappear into the shadows if she chose to."  [x]


RDJ takes the ALS ice bucket challenge. [x]